How to Solo on II-V-I

How to Solo on ii-V-I

The Most Common Progression in Jazz Hello again! I’m so glad you could join us again. If you’re reading this, it might be because you are interested in learning how to solo on II-V-I progressions. Seeing as how this is, in fact, the most common progression in jazz, it’s probably a good place to start! …

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How to Play Fast

How to Play Fast: Banner

Practice Techniques & Subdivision Control One thing I have always noticed from my students is the desire to learn how to play fast. Now, as a teacher, sometimes I shake my head at the obsession with speed. At the same time, however, I understand the need to be able to do this. As guitar players, …

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Harmonic Movement

Hands-On 10: Create Motion On Static Chords

Create Motion On Static Chords The goal of this series is to actually put a lick under your fingers. Here, there’s no more searching for ideas in the sea of jazz theory information. We’ll give stuff you need to play and be creative. In this issue, we will be discussing how you can create motion …

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Augmented Jazz Reality

augmented jazz licks - featured image

More Parallel II-V-I Lines Welcome back to our new series, “Hands-On Jazz Guitar.” Today’s lesson is called “Augmented Jazz Reality” as we will be discussing using augmented triad licks to get some fresh, hip sounds in your improvisation. Download ALL of the licks here: “More Parallel ii-V-I Lines” PDF (includes TAB)  We’re going to put …

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