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I help guitarists become confident quickly by making jazz guitar a walk in the park


Are you interested in jazz but puzzled by it? Don't know where to start?

My name is Marc and I help guitarists progress faster using my no-nonsense lessons and foundational pillars. I've been doing this online since 2009.

If you're looking to make real and permanent changes in your playing in the next few months then click below to learn more.

Let's Get Started!



Let's Get Started!

"I got better! I still am getting better, I'd say 3%-5% every week! I can solo over a jazz standard, which was my main goal."

"You've really given me a program that works for me. It's structured, I've got something I need to practice everyday. I'm moving step by step forward..."

"It's transformational! This course you've created, it's a different type of teaching. It's not linear... and it all comes together! To see where I've come from, in the beginning, is unbelievable."


"Your approach is much more organic... bringing in the tools that are more needed. The primary question that I wanted to answer, "Can I do that?" and I now know that I can."

"The framework you've provided has been really helpful... being very effective at tackling my progress at jazz guitar. I really feel going through the Accelerator program has helped de-mystify a lot of the challenges of trying to learn jazz."

"My main goal was playing jazz, and you helped me with your tips and suggestions. I made tremendous progress and I can improvise bossa nova, so I'm really satisfied with the progress."

Let's Get Started!
Let's Get Started!