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Can You Play Jazz Guitar?

Of Course! Use our Free Jazz Guitar Guides Collection

All of the jazz guitar guides, eBooks and resources we offer for free ... in one place!

Jazz guitar can seem incredibly daunting, and it's certainly a lifelong endeavor.

Can YOU play jazz guitar? The answer is yes, and we want to help! :)

On our website we have created a ton of FREE - that's right, FREE - downloadable guides on a variety of different jazz guitar topics for you to download. Chords, comping, practicing guides, jazz guitar practice routines, chord melody, improvisation, soloing, fretboard references, and more!

Now we've created this page to grant you easy access to all of them at once.

For a quick-start guide covering our basic teaching "philosophy", please see this overview article on how to play jazz guitar here. Enjoy :)

First, we've got guides to help you structure and organize your practice time. Avoid noodling and make the most of your efforts with these easy-to-follow guides...

Practice Strategy

Jazz Guitar Essential Guide

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45 Minutes to Jazz Guitar Victory

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Next, we have guides on jazz guitar chords and chord melody. These are two areas of study that guitar players in other genres often admire about jazz guitarists. Now you can jump in on the fun!


Jazz Chords & Chord Melody


Jazz Guitar Comping Toolkit

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3 Steps to Solid Chord Melody

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Jazz Guitar Chords Cheat Sheet

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Chord Melody eCourse

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Learn the basics of jazz improvisation with our guides on improv. You'll learn to improvise over common progressions and more. 


Jazz Guitar Improv

Jazz Improv Beginner's Guide

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Improv Quickstart Guide

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Minor II-V-I Mini-Guide

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 Never get lost on the fretboard again. These guides will show you how to map out your fretboard and play these scale shapes with ease.


Scales & Fretboard Awareness

No More Guessing

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All Scales Un-CAGED

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Something Missing?

Is there a jazz guitar eBook you'd like us to create and publish? Let us know. Contact us at [email protected] and we'll be glad to help :) 


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