Beginner's Guide to
Jazz Guitar Improvisation 

"How to Use Only 3 Easy Scales to Solo on 95% of Jazz Songs..."
Improvising "jazz style" on songs from The Real Book shouldn't be a headache. This guide shows you the 4-step process to apply scales that make you hear the sound of each chord while improvising.
  • Always Know What The "Right Notes" Are
  • Make The Changes: Outline The Chords To ANY Tune
  • Have The Chords be "Heard" During Your Solos 
  • Step-By-Step With Demo On An Actual Jazz Standard
  • No Music Reading, No Theory!

“It's just three scales and four steps. Learn them, practice them, be a hero at your local jam session. This is exactly where we start with all private students.”
-M-A Seguin, Founder and Teacher