How to Improvise on
the Minor II-V-I Miniguide 

"I'll Show You How to Use ONLY One Scale to Solo on this Tricky Progression... "
Improvising over a minor progression should feel as easy as soloing in major, if not easier. This guide explains the ins-and-outs of all the confusing pathways on the minor II-V-I ... then gives you a handful of practical and easy-to-apply solutions so you don't have to think while soloing.
  • Let's Make the Complicated Simple!
  • Avoid ALL the Rookie Mistakes
  • Learn the Three Best Solutions for Minor II-V
  • Play + Hear + Master the Real Minor II-V Sound
  • Learn to Use the Ultimate Shortcut to Keep You Out of Trouble in Unfamiliar Territory
  • Basic Theory (you don't need a PhD!)

“Students are often confused by the melancholy and intimidating chord symbols on the minor II-V. But Dm7b5 to G7b9 doesn't have to remain a mystery to you! Read this once, it will be with you forever.”
-M-A Seguin, Founder and Teacher