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Reviews from our students

"Gents, I have been doing the courses for over 6 months now and I feel like they have totally transformed my playing. I am a new guitarist. Thanks for putting in the effort for the courses, videos and all the behind the scenes things. Greatly appreciated."
-Brian B., USA
"I am indeed enjoying the Unlimited Membership! Your delivery of the courses are so logical and engaging. Thank you for having the initiative to launch such a site and having such a great approach for teaching jazz guitar. I have been wanting to take my playing I this direction for a few years now and am very happy to have found you and your site. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"! I guess that's true!"
-Brent R., Canada
"The Private-Instructor-In-A-Box course provides an excellent and simple process for staying in control of my focused practice sessions. It gives me a great chance to stay on track and coach myself to achieve my medium and long term jazz guitar goals. Thanks for a wonderful course Marc-Andre."
-Andrew W., Australia
"I'm 64 years old and I've been playing guitar since I was 9 years old. I progressed faster with your method than in the previous 40 years. I feel like I know what I'm doing.When you say "learn with real teachers" it's absolutely true. Your method really works. Thank you very much to you and your team for the good job."
-Sam C., Canada
"Excellent course Marc! Only positive. I appreciate the opportunity to apply not only what you have taught but also what I have learned from other sources. So I liked that it was a practical course. Thanks!"
-Gary M., U.S.A
"I just love Comping 101 and have gone all in with Unlimited Membership now. Your instructional videos are dead on. Not too much talking and I get to play fairly quickly. And the support material that I can print and follow is just great. I wish there were more hours in a day to practice and follow your great course material. I really feel that you are my personal guitar teacher. Keep up the great work"
-Henrik Saaby L., Denmark
"Great! That really makes sense if you want a plan in which every exercise has a clear purpose. This lesson made me reevaluate the way I've been practicing some things and why I practice them. Some precious information here!"
-Gabriel S., Brazil
"My time spent with "Private Instructor in a Box" was extremely valuable. The truth is, I have always had difficulty determining what to practice, and how much of my practice time to spend on any given topic or material. The results speak for themselves. I've been following your plan for a little less than a month, and already have two new of my favorite standards under my hands. I didn't have to memorize them; I just know how to play them. I have time dedicated to scales, comping, and repertoire, and as I apply the things I'm learning and working on to the tunes I am practicing, everything really gels in a comprehensive way. Thanks Marc. I have renewed commitment to the instrument because of this course."
-James G., U.S.A
"Your resources at JazzGuitarLessons.net will be very helpful, especially in my situation. My wife suffers from Parkinson Dementia and she can’t be left alone in our home for more than a few minutes. We’re both retired and our sons are long gone from our home. Because of that, working in person with a teacher would be quite difficult if not impossible for me [...] The online approach allows me to work whenever I can find the time during a given day. I’d like to be able to play chord melodies since most of my time is alone. So your site certainly provides the info. I just need to take advantage of it. The way you have Soundsllce integrated into your lessons is really helpful. Having the ability to watch the video as it relates note-for-note to the music is a wonderful reference tool. I’m only starting out but I feel that I now have a path to follow. Thank you for that."
-Ron T., PhD, Ottawa, Canada
"Your course allows the student to learn at their own pace it allows the student to choose what is necessary for their goals and understanding. As reaching a goal or completing something that is practiced gives the student a feeling of advancement and worth when learning. Your course reaches out to the student where other courses apply pressure in areas that only the student can comprehend, knowing what they don’t know and have to learn at their own pace. I want to thank you and your colleagues at jazzguitarlessons.net for a great way to learn and log and create my own progress."
-David H., Korea