Jazz Guitar Transcriptions Archive

Jazz Guitar Transcriptions Archive

Here are bits and pieces of great jazz solos that I wrote down from recordings and videos over the years... I hope it gives you the courage to make your own jazz guitar transcriptions. Enjoy!

Please also read this article about jazz guitar transcriptions and learning from jazz recordings...

List of Solos Below: With Accurate Jazz Guitar Tabs

Please refer to the jazz guitar greats section for biographies, licks, gear and playing style descriptions of all those guys... As you may have noticed, all of those are only parts longer solos. If you like one of them enough, you should keep learning the "whole thing" by ear. It will take you a few solos to really grasp their individual styles. Lots of fun! ;-)


Solos Below: Written Out by Hand
(for the sheer pleasure!)

Wes Montgomery :
(may have been the best jazz guitarist ever)

Two other very nice, "non guitar" transcriptions:

Miles Davis - Solar (from this CLASSIC album  )

Chet Baker - There Will Never Be Another You (from this album  )