Habits for Optimal Improvement

practice and mindset Feb 11, 2019

Among the many things we discuss here relating to jazz guitar, it's important to also discuss some of the more abstract things like practice time and habits.

If you've been around the website for a while, you've probably heard me harping on about consistency over cramming. In other words, it's better to develop habits that will take you through the process of improving over an extended period than to try to cram it all into isolated sessions.

Your brain will never truly absorb the information that way.

If you listen to guys like Pat Metheny and Wes Montgomery and are fairly new to this, you might be wondering, "What's the secret sauce?" But the truth is, the only "secret" is a lifetime of curious, consistent practice.

These guys didn't find the proverbial pot of jazz guitar gold and were suddenly given the ability to play with incredible facility. They only attained the ability to play the way they do by developing good habits.

While this post isn't really about how to make a plan, it's important that you do establish some sort of routine.

Here are a few posts covering this topic a bit more in-depth.

Using Limitation Practice - Here, we address the very important subject of practicing what you are NOT good at! ;)

8 Things for Awesome Practice Sessions - 8 helpful tips for making sure your practice sessions are as productive as they can be.

This area of jazz guitar (and just about any skill you want to learn) is as important as learning tunes, chords, or scales. Make sure you give it the attention it deserves!


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