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What People Say

"Thank you for these wonderful courses! I will be a [University] guitar student in the coming fall and used many of your resources in preparing for my audition! I got in and now I'm trying to learn as much jazz as I can before I start so that I go in already knowing as much as possible. [...] Thanks again for the courses!"


"Very approachable but technically complete lesson material, enough chordal and melodic ideas to develop ones own arrangement w/o having to start from scratch. I couldn't ask for anything more, excellent bang for the buck, excellent period. Thank You!"

Donald W.

"Love the format - head, comp, chord melody solo on changes. Fantastic! AND the video to see it done as well. Perfect combination! Best on the web!"

Gregg S.
Student since 2017

"Fantastic course. I knew pretty much all of the scales, arpeggios and chords prior to watching but this system provides the easiest approach to practicing in a comprehensive manner. I can also see how the system can be used to practice lines, licks and tunes in all keys... obviously this not necessarily practical because there are only so many hours per day, but the system is a great way to make it quicker and easier to transpose on the fly. Thanks a lot for putting this together!"

Ken M.

"I liked that this course started very simple and basic and progressed in a logical manner without large gaps in the process. This would be like walking up evenly spaced stairs instead of a mix of big, small and giant steps. I also loved some of the included backing tracks which made repetition of the exercises very enjoyable."

David D.


Marc-Andre Seguin

Your Instructor

The webmaster, mastermind and teacher on, the #1 online resource for learning how to play Jazz guitar.

He draws from his experience both as a professional Jazz guitarist and professional Jazz teacher to help thousands of people from all around the world learn the craft of Jazz guitar.


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Grab Your Instant-Access To The Entire
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