Jazz Guitar Standards
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This page hosts the most popular jazz guitar standards. Each tune is provided with a PDF : lead sheet, chord melody arrangement and a basic chord chart (for comping).

Some tunes (but not all) also have a video or audio demonstration of the arrangement, the chords and sample improvisation.

Some background information (composer, year, etc.) and recommended listenings are also provided for each individual jazz guitar standards.

Make sure you read the before you play... section below. The way tunes are presented here might be slightly different from what you are used to.

Finally, visitor can now contribute their own chord melody arrangements! You can share your chord melodies and rate / comment on other visitors' contributions ... please do so here.

Before You Play ...

Performance notes regarding my chord melody arrangements

  • You should really check out the FREE 7-Day Beginning Chord Melody course before going any further.
  • Regarding all the tunes below: The first staff is melody + chord symbols: same as you would find in a fakebook. The chord melody arrangement is in the second staff (TABS) and is demonstrated using chord diagrams only. This simple approach gives you maximum freedom.
  • The "chord shapes" are merely guidelines. Sometimes the melody doesn't exactly fit; diagrams are used for reference only. It is necessary to create your own approach to the tune. Chord shapes have to be rhythmically interesting and/or arpeggiated.
  • The last page of each PDF is a basic chord chart. Use chords to accompany a soloist, for example.
  • Most arrangements are to be played with a bassist. You may want to add some bass parts if you are playing solo guitar.
  • Most importantly, study your favorite standards deeply and make them your own. Get some inspiration and ideas from recordings (check out Jazz guitar greats) and live concerts.

List of Tunes

All the Things You Are

Autumn Leaves

Blue in Green

Blue Monk

Body and Soul

Giant Steps

How Insensitive (Insensatez)

I Fall In Love Too Easily

If I Should Lose You

Just Friends


My Funny Valentine


(The) Shadow of Your Smile

Silent Night


Stella by Starlight

Straight No Chaser


Take the "A" Train

Tenor Madness


What Is This Thing Called Love

More Tunes: Barry Galbraith Original Arrangements (opens a new window)

Relevant resources about playing Jazz Guitar Standards

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Jazz Guitar Standards Chord Melody Arrangements From Other Visitors

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Tenderly - Chord Melody 
This is my rendition of the Jazz Standard "Tenderly", music by Walter Gross and words by Jack Lawrence. Here's the PDF for Tenderly - Chord Melody …

Here is my arrangement of "Laura". It's just the basic melody of this beautiful song on top and what I hope to be nice chords and some extra solo phrases …

Naïma, by John Coltrane. I have included the bass part, but it may be ignored for section B (for beginners). It requires a lot of quirky stretching …

Darn That Dream 
Here's my first attempt at writing a chord melody. I kept it simple with mostly "vanilla" changes and it can be played either with fingers or pick or …

Polka Dots and Moonbeams - Jose Arboleda 
Here's a chord melody on "Polka Dots and Moonbeams" by Jose Arboleda. Polka Dots and Moonbeams - Chord Melody Arrangement + Chord Solo to practice …

The Man I Love 
A great 1924 Gershwin tune, excised from many a musical. The chord names are straight from the real book leadsheet, without my alterations. The tablature …

Sophisticated Lady 
This is a rather "chordy" arrangement of Duke Ellington's 1932 classic. I wrote it as a condensed exercise on inversions, by and large in response to …

Beautiful Love 
Here's a real simple chord melody version of this beautiful melody. Beautiful Love - Chord Melody by Denis Barsalo ___ From admin : Good job …

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