iii-vi-ii-V Jazz Guitar Lick

Hands-On 8 - Playing Over Turnarounds

Playing Over Turnarounds The goal of this series is to actually put a lick under your fingers. Here, there’s no more searching for ideas in the sea of jazz theory information. We’ll give stuff you need to play and be creative. Today, we’re going to discuss playing over turnarounds.  Let’s get started on the concept! Lick Example Today’s idea is taken from the February 2016 … [Click Here to Read more]

Introduction to Bird Blues for Jazz Guitar

Bird Blues intro for jazz guitar

Ever been to a jam session where someone (read a alto sax player) calls a Bird Blues? Oh that embarrassing moment! The Bird Blues, a.k.a (Charlie) Parker Blues a.k.a. Major Blues a.k.a. Blues with New York Changes a.k.a _______ (insert yours here) is a very common 12-bar form perform by jazz musicians since the bebop era. Prime examples of this type of chord progression are found in jazz tunes … [Click Here to Read more]

4 Effective Bebop Scales Fingerings

4 effective bebop scale fingerings

In this lesson we’ll be covering the essentials of bebop scales for jazz guitar. We’ll explore four useful, relevant and fun bebop scales fingerings. As a result, your playing will be enhanced by more jazz-like phrasing using several natural and flowing fingering patterns. Why Bebop Scales? Well, at some point in their development, jazz improvisers usually get tired of fitting the right scales over chords, like Dorian, Mixolydian, … [Click Here to Read more]

Wes Montgomery’s Top-5 Jazz Guitar Solos

Wes Montgomery Top 5 solos

Nothing is left to be said about the legendary Wes Montgomery. He single-handedly (and humbly) defined the role of the guitar as a jazz and bebop instrument. And nobody else (before, during or after) had such an impact on the guitar scene. Montgomery brought forward his incredible octave technique, his right thumb plucking style, and much, much more in the music of the 1960’s. Simply … [Click Here to Read more]

Jazz Guitarists: How to Learn Bebop Guitar

Charlie Parker bebop guitar

Interested in having better “chromatics” in you Jazz guitar improvisations lines? Do you want to increase your time awareness and perhaps develop cool chops? Having a hard time soloing on fast chord changes? Then look no further: you should seriously become a well-versed bebop guitar player. The “bebop school” of playing will do the trick for all the above … and then some! 🙂 In … [Click Here to Read more]