Question by Frank Charles
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Dear Sir!

I’ve been playing reggae music for over 30 years. I never studied the guitar. I pretty much learnt a few chords, a few words, formed a band and started making a few dollars.

Now I am 55, and realize I can’t play the guitar the way I would like. George Benson has been my mentor for years, but after hearing Robert Conti, I realized I should reach out for help now, because that’s the sound I wish to have for my personal satisfaction.

I can’t read music,how can I be HELPED?

Hello Mr. Charles,

First of all, I wish to congratulate you in your efforts to reach out and move forward in music and in life. This is a rewarding path!

At a glance like this, it is very hard for me to understand exactly were you are at musically.

With over 150 content pages on, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of material to work on right away.

Here’s what I can suggest as a starting point :


  • Fix Clear Goals and Practice DailyRead this practicing article and watch this practicing video. You’ll find other very practical info about practicing on my Practice Blog (my personal journal).
  • Learn 1-2 JAZZ Tune ASAPHere’s a collection of jazz guitar standards with melody, chords, tabs and suggested harmonization in chord melody style. Always keep that in min : Playing jazz is … playing jazz tunes!
  • Take Quality Jazz Guitar Lessons with a jazz guitar expert. 🙂

I hope this helps,
Practice Well,

Marc-Andre Seguin

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