Small Typo: Blue in Green Chord Diagram

Question by David

Blue in Green Chord Melody

Hi Mark,
I’m really enjoying your Lessons and PDF etc

I think the chord diagram in the 8th bar of your Blue in Green lead sheet should read 6th fret not 7th… just didn’t sound right and when I check the note extensions it sure enough doesn’t add up….it a small thing.

But thanks so much for these arrangements I’m getting better each time thru.

One day I’d like to sign up for some lessons.


M-A’s Answer:

Hello David,

Yes! It’s is indeed a typo, and I intend to fix it when I get access to the software I use for rendering PDF’s. Thanks for spotting it!

So, for now, fellow guitarists, please play the E7 chord in bar 8 (with the C note on top), as it should, with the fingering:


Please go to the Blue in Green page for the full PDF.


Marc-Andre Seguin

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