Rhythm Changes – Bridge Comping?

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Marc –

I just watched your Oleo video. Nice. I love playing that melody. However I loved your comping over the bridge. I would love to know what you were doing there. Can you drop me hint or perhaps give a comping lesson for Changes.



M-A’s Answer:

Hello Rich,

Nice question and thanks for the compliment. I indeed would need to build a complete lesson on comping for “Rhythm Changes”… (-:

(Sounds like fun and hard work to have a complete section of the website dedicated to this song form, same as when I created the jazz-blues section in the winter of 2011… you know what’s bound to happen when visitors get me started!

Ok, so, to come back to your question: all I was thinking of really were the actual chords, two bars each : D7, G7, C7, F7.

I watched the video again. At certain tempos I’m also improvising a bit. Same deal: I’m thinking only of the basic chords (scales + arpeggios).


Then, there’s of course all the inherent substitutions and tricks and that can go in there:

… and basically, just good rhythms will make anything quite decent sound very good. If it’s well placed in time, there’s no doubt it will vibrate with the listener.

I hope it answers your question a bit,

Thanks for the inspiration. I may start working on a whole new 5-10 page section on the website (with videos and TABS, etc) strictly about “I Got Rhythm”… Yay!

Marc-Andre Seguin

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