Quartal Harmony – Part 2

Question by Amelia

Coucou Marc

I so love your web-site, I’m a pianist and have recommended it to a guitarist friend.

I’ve spent literally weeks mastering your great Part 1 video on major quartals in all inversions.

Now I’m on Part 2.

  1. For C min 7, why can’t I use A D G so that it is consistent with the major one ?
  2. Do you ever play inversions for C min 7, C7 etc ? I tried forming some, and some of them sounded weird.

Thanks for your clear teaching, and your generosity.


Hello Amelia,

Thank you for your question(s). Here are the videos on quartal harmony:


(1) In very few words, the Cm7 “chords” in quartal that I suggest in “Quartal Harmony for Jazz Guitar – Part 2” are strictly based on C minor pentatonic scale: C Eb F G Bb C

The two other suggestion (for C7 and for Cmaj7#11) are “less strict” in a way … you can still notice implications of Gm pentatonic on the C7 and some Em pentatonic with an added F# on the Cmaj7#11 …

In the end, it’s just choice that’s I’ve made: sounds that I heard and noticed often enough to create a lesson like this. You may add more chords that you like, or remove those that you don’t like (-:

(2) No. This video is full of ready-made voicing for guitarists where there’s a variety of chords, but yet not enough range for the choices to become overwhelming. I’ve limited it to the “best” few sounds for each chord/scale (only 3 for the dominant, as you’ll notice).

This is a practical approach for guitarists, as they can know immediately “where to put their fingers” to have these … inversions can quickly become messy on the guitar, so this “quartal” approach is a good way to get a few things rolling without worrying about them.

I hope this helps,

Marc-Andre Seguin
“Improve Your Jazz Guitar Playing with a REAL Teacher”


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Jul 16, 2012
Thank you
by: Amelia

I appreciate your great answer Marc-Andre.
There are not many people who can explain a relatively modern sound so well with such beautiful sounding examples.

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