New Website, New Store

Here is it, finally! You are reading this from a brand new version of the classic¬† website. Same content (lessons, articles, videos, tunes, etc.) but on a brand new look and feel. Mobile friendly (thank God!) … and now completely hosted by Pagely on WordPress. So this is now a blog incorporating all the old stuff. ūüôā


… and the shop (finally)

Also a novelty: a brand new jazz guitar store, with a dozen products already. As might know, most of¬† new releases in terms of instructional products (video courses mostly) has been done through the Udemy platform. Not anymore! All the¬† products are now “self-hosted”, more or less. In fact I am using a system called Fedora, but it doesn’t really matter.

Here’s a video I shot (late at night) to release the “breaking news”:

What is nice about the brand new store is that it allows the administrator (yours truly) to package courses as bundles. So it’s exactly what I did. For instance, the five most popular courses that used to be sold through Udemy are now bundled in a practical package … and the beauty is in its price: 50% OFF baby! ūüôā


The “Real” Launch: March 17th

And the icing on the cake: there’s is a brand new jazz guitar video course released just for the occasion. Yep. M-A Seguin of¬† (hey, that’s me) released a brad new fifty-or-so-lecture-long jazz guitar video course. And there’s about 2.5 hours of video instruction in there. I know it’s St-Patrick’s, but I simply couldn’t wait for the launch! ūüôā

I’m launching the course today so as to outline the store’s¬†grand opening, but also because I want to tip my hat to all subscribers and visitors. ¬†’s dedicated supporters and visitors make everything possible. So thank you all, and¬†here it is:

 Jazz Guitar: 25 Exercises for Better Phrasing


SPECIAL PRICING w/ COUPON: for the release, this course is going to be 50 percent off for a limited time. You have until friday, that is March 20, 2015. Use the coupon code LAUNCH50PERCENT or simply click here.


That being said, thanks for stopping by. Please bookmark this website and come back often, as¬† will soon launch into another growing phase. More new lessons, more videos, more posts, more tunes. Here’s to your continued jazz guitar success. I am personally on an amazing journey, how about you?!

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