My Funny Valentine

by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart

Written for the musical Babe in Arms in 1937, My Funny Valentine (PDF below) is now amongst the most played and recorded jazz standards of all times. This brilliant tune was first recorded by itself in the mid forties, by jazz musicians, obviously. 🙂

This song should definitely be in the top 10 of your standard ballad repertoire (and in the top 1 if you’re playing a jazz gig in a restaurant on February 14th!) It is often played as a ballad but also in a medium swing or even as a latin groove. The tune lends itself to many interpretations, harmonically speaking, because of the pedalling C minor in the A sections. Bill Evans (in a duo with the legendary jazz guitarist Jim Hall) plays My Funny Valentine as un up tempo!

The chord melody arrangement in this My Funny Valentine PDF found below is very minimalist and I believe everyone should experiment, at least a little, with differents changes and grooves. Then, keep reading and I recommend trying the Barry Galbraith jazz guitar version of My Funny Valentine ASAP.

Have fun!

Suggested listenings

Many very good versions exist because Valentine has been recorded so much of the years. Here’s are top 3 picks:

  • Bill Evans and Jim Hall (Undercurrent, 1962)Bill Evans and Jim Hall: Undercurrent
    Breakneck tempo… frantic version played by two of the most influential voices in modern jazz. Plus, it’s on one of my all-time favorite record! 😉
  • Miles Davis (Cooking, 1956)
    Probably the most known version. Smooth ballad, heart-melting trumpet by Miles… as usual. Check out the changes!

Another Chord Melody

Barry Galbraith: solo chord melody on My Funny Valentine for Jazz GuitarLearn to play this tune directly from a legendary jazz guitar. Check out the book Guitar Solos by Barry Galbraith below. Thirteen progressively more difficult chord melody arrangements (with TABS and audio CD).

My Funny Valentine is the third tune in the book. This song is at about intermediate level of difficulty. But man, is it beautiful and well written …

7 thoughts on “My Funny Valentine

  1. Hi! I would love to download these pdfs but I can’t… It seems that the download page does not exist. Since this is the first time I comment on this website, I also would like to thank you because it is giving me inspiration to start playing some jazz music on my classical guitar. Greetings from Italy

    • Hi Luc, when you click on the link, a dialogue box will open up asking you to enter your email and first name so we can send the PDF link to you. Once you fill it out and click “Yes! I want the PDF now!!”, an email should arrive within a minute or so. You might have to check your spam filter. When you open the email, click on “Claim Your Download” and you will immediately download the PDF for My Funny Valentine. Let me know which step of this process isn’t working for you and how and I’ll try to help you out.

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