Jazz Improvisation 2 Approaches

Question by Richard Martinez
(Nutley, NJ)

Hello Marc, First I would like to thank you for the newsletters, I was learning Jazz Guitar from a good teacher, but got laid off and can no longer afford the lessons…

My questing is: in the D-7 I saw no flat 3, and in the G7 no flat 7. Can they in fact be played natural when improvising?

I am new to jazz guitar, and would to try improvise with the two songs I learned.

Richard Martinez

M-A’s Answer:

Hello Richard,

Well yes for a Minor7th chord the 3 and the 7 are flat. And for a Dominant7th (plain 7th) only the 7 is flat.

Sometimes, when explaining theory, I will just use numbers without the b and # because I take for granted that we all know which chord type we are discussing.

Sorry for the confusion!

Marc-Andre Seguin

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