Jazz Guitar: Uninspiring Tone of your Guitar

Question by Anonymous

Is it common to be thrown off by uninspiring tone of your guitar?

I find it very difficult to hear my lines in what I would call a basic Jazz tone.

Is there anything that you can recommend that doesn’t involve buying a Gibson ES175 and Polytone amp that would help get those of us without means a little closer to decent tone?


M-A’s Answer:

I have to admit, I personally have little time to be disappointed by how the equipment I use sounds (or doesn’t sound)… I’m most often bothered or unsatisfied by my playing!!! (-:

If you don’t exactly feel like getting ‘the standard jazz rig’, there’s a few things you can do in experimenting with your current gear…

-First, roll down the tone on the guitar itself. Find the sweet spot.

-Second try a “no bass, lots of mids, no treble” setting on the amp.

-Third, if you can, experimenting with a “dirty tone” with gain very near zero… it usually changes the EQ of the output quite a bit. For instance, I never use the “clean” channel (ever). I always use the gain channel and work it out accordingly to get it cleaner.

-Fourth: PICKS… the fatter they get … anyways, try and you’ll hear what I mean! (-:

And lastly, read this old article and tell me what you think:

I hope this helps,

Marc-Andre Seguin
“Improve Your Jazz Guitar Playing with a REAL Teacher”

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