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“Have you got the blues?”

All the jazz guitar blues lessons are found here: welcome to the jazz guitar blues page! The blues, not as a style or idiom, but as a standard form for improvisation (and even a as feeling) permeates jazz music. I think it is fair to say that almost all prominent figures in jazz history have been influenced by the blues, one way or another.

Blues is the common denominator between players of various styles of jazz and from different generations.


Some scholars say that bebop is the “common practice period”. If so, then I think it’s fair to assume that blues was the prequel to bop. As a beginning or intermediate jazz guitarist, it means that you should definitely check out some bebop language, yes that true.

But more importantly: it means that you just *have* to get good at blues soloing to become a master jazz improviser. Every aspiring jazzer should be able to improvise (at least decently) on a 12-bar jazz guitar blues form. Start now!!! Learn the chords, learn the scales, learn the songs… and improvise.

Jazz Guitar Blues – Resources on JazzGuitarLessons.net

  • Five Important Jazz Blues Progressions 
    You’ll find those chord progression in 3 keys with downloadable pdf files (and many theoretical explanations)
  • Jazz Guitar Blues: Comping VIDEO
    Creating meaningfully accompaniments in jazz blues context. Guitarists, get ready! (PDF with TABS included)
  • Jazz Guitar Blues: Improvisation VIDEO
    How to practice jazz improvisation on a 12-bar blues form. Set of five progressively more difficult exercises and many jazz improv tips. (PDF with TABS included)
  • Top 50 list: Blues Tunes to Learn
    The most common, less common, and not common at all blues tunes that get called at jam sessions. (includes the PDF with : tune title, key, style/tempo and suggested listening for each song.)
  • The tune of choiceTenor Madness (with video and PDF)
    Learn this one now! Classic Bb blues, easy to learn and remember at jam sessions!

Some More Resources – Videos and Blogs

Comping Jazz Guitar Dream
Back to Basics - Jazz Guitar Blues

Some More Resources – Articles and Lessons

Jazz Improvisation Articles (both on blues in F)

You can also find some bluesy jazz licks on this page…

How to article: playing blues lines over standard tunes …


Some very very bluesy transcriptions of Wes Montgomery jazz guitar blues and standards solos: