Jazz Guitar Blues: Comping

Creating meaningfully accompaniment in jazz guitar blues contexts

Learn the 3 basic steps for generating great jazz guitar blues accompaniments. In this video, a simple yet effective method is laid out for you to make the most out of basic chord shapes. Build from the bottom up:

Roots and Guide-Tones

In the first step, you’ll learn how to comp on the jazz guitar blues with basic shell voicings with roots. This the jazz guitar equivalent to the regular barre chords we first learn on the guitar

Guide-Tones with One Extension

In the second step, we examine rootless chords. Starting from the shells in the first step, we remove the root. Then we’ll add an extension on the 2nd string of the instrument.

Guide-Tones with Two Extensions

In this third step, we add one more extension to the rootless chords from the previous step. This means that we’ll be playing (mostly) on strings 4, 3, 2 and 1 on the guitar.

Chromaticism in Jazz Guitar Blues Comping

In step 4, you add chromaticism and nice rhythms to make this whole concept your own. Memorize the chord progression and play your own outstanding blues comping at that next jam session!

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