Jazz Guitar Lessons in Improvisation: Learn to Improvise – Soloing w/TABS

Learn How to Solo in a Jazz Guitar Improv Context

This section of the website covers everything you need to get started in jazz improvisation or improve your current abilities. The jazz guitar lessons on this page focus mainly on single-note lines, and will teach you how to play jazz guitar solos that are improvised. You’ll find plenty of material that serve as an introduction including scales, arpeggios, licks, soloing concepts, playing through chord changes, etc.

If this is your first visit, I recommend looking at these jazz guitar lessons in order.The nuts and bolts of jazz are covered at first and they’re then explored from different angles … especially “the jazz guitarist’s perspective” if you know what I mean! 😉

Once you’re familiar with jazz improvisation tools, concepts and ideas, it is highly recommended to apply them by soloing a lot on actual jazz tunes. You can also change up your style and try Jazz acoustic guitar strings and other accessories.

Always remember: be musical and melodic in your improvisations! A bunch of chord changes and neat ideas won’t cut it if the final result does not SING and SWING … Have fun and make lots of good music!

Jazz Guitar Improvisation Basics

  • The 3 Pillars Of Jazz Improvisation You Need Yo Know
    I think it is important to know what are the foundations, or pillars, of jazz improvisation before you dive into the theory. This is your introduction. Here you will learn the 3 important concepts behind learning jazz improv …The Three Pillars Of Jazz Improvisation - Jazz Guitar Improvisation


  • Jazz Scales: The Three Basic Choices
    So, which one should you use to improvise over this or that chord? Find out here! Beginner’s guide covers Major, Dorian and Mixolydian scales. Includes PDF and video (with TABS).
  • The Chromatic Scale
    This is our musical alphabet. Learn it on the fretboard with these 2 *great* technical exercises for jazz guitarists.
  • More: Videos
    See the free videos section for more lessons…

Jazz Guitar Improv Essentials

  • On Not Sounding Like Scales…
    Start generating your own *interesting* melodic lines. In this lesson, you’ll learn to be creative with simple materials such as scales and arpeggios (and avoid sounding like a textbook).
  • Transcriptions
    A collection of solos transcribed and notated by yours truly. Learn licks straight from great, historically significant jazz solos.
  • Videos
    See the free videos section for more lessons…

Jazz Guitar Improvisation: Beyond

  • Jazz Performance Ear Training
    The most important jazz guitar lessons develop your hearing abilities. Ear training done daily will drastically improve not only your ears, but your playing also…
  • Advanced Bebop Scales
    Variations on the Barry Harris (legendary bebop pianist) practice models. Scales with 1, 2 and 3 passing tones. Great bebop exercises including TABS.
  • *Custom* Lessons
    Learn at your own pace. Get real tailor-made exercises to dramatically enhance your soloing. Submit your questions, issues and recordings to get fully customized lessons (from a jazz guitar expert) in a timely fashion. Find out more here…
  • Lee Konitz’s Ten-Step method
    Legendary saxophonist shares his improvisational secrets. Learn this simple and effective method for generating unlimited amount of solo lines from the tunes’ original melodies. Unleash your creativity!

7 thoughts on “Jazz Guitar Lessons in Improvisation: Learn to Improvise – Soloing w/TABS

  1. Hey, thanks for this site.
    I wanna learn how to play a Jazz standard and I found your website very useful but I’m overwhelmed, there is too much information and I dont know where to start.

  2. hi friends i am from cuba a need your help with some free lesson i do not have any car5d or way to pay or enough money i am guitarrist of cuban traditional music but i like jazz and we do not have stores with those books

    • Hey Fernando,

      Lucky You! This website contains TONS of free lessons to get you started in no time! Check out our YouTube channel too!

  3. I have a question. I have been practicing Summertime in the key of D minor. I use the simple concept? Isn’t this a thing that Coltrane used a lot, when you play the first, the second, the third and the fifth of the scale which belongs to a chord (playing 1,2,3 and 5)? When I play over the A7 chord, than I played A, B, C# and E. But you can also play A, Bb, C# and E. Both sound good. Which is the best option? I go for the last one for two reasons. The Bb is a note in the scale D minor and with this Bb makes it a A7b9 chord. But the 3 semitones between Bb and C# is a little strange. There is evn possible a third option by playing A, Bb, C and E. Is there one way to play the 1, 2, 3 and 5 notes? Or can you play in more ways?

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