If I Should Lose You

by Rainger / Robin

If I Should Lose You is one of the greatest american standards: it has been well served, beat up, re-vamped (etc.) in all sorts ways. You have the ballad version, the medium swinging groovy take … and also the pseudo-obscure post-modern impression in 9/8 (where you wonder where the melody is!)

Those various treatments tell us one thing one thing : it’s a great song and we can go lots of places with it. A nice way to start is to learn the chords and melody “straight up” no frills, and this chord melody arrangement does just that for you. (-:

If I Should Lose You - Jazz Guitar Chord MelodyIf I Should Lose You – Jazz Guitar Chord Melody Arrangement

The PDF contains a straight forward version of the chord melody to If I Should Lose You. In fact, it’s an almost “one-chord-per-note” harmonization and it has to be played *SLOW* (or else, you won’t be able to play every chord). See below for an mp3 of this arrangement played by yours truly.

Jazz Guitar Audio Demonstration

Click here to get the mp3 of If I Should Lose You for jazz guitar

To give you a better idea, I’ve recorded this short mp3 clip. As I mentionned in the audio file, this one is unlike other so-called “chord melodies” already on JazzGuitarLessons.net: I’ve written WAY more chords than I usually include for the jazz guitar arrangements. This was a “problem” for me because I tend to play this tune in the medium up tempo range (think Keith Jarrett trio) … and a chord melody is impossible to play that fast!

So, I had to take it easy, slow down, and create this slower, more ornamented arrangement for the website… (-:

Have fun with the chord melody arrangement and let me know if you have questions! Enjoy. (Worst case scenario, just ignore this arrangement and replicate Joe Pass’ solo version of that tune.)

If I Should Lose You Suggested listenings

There’s a great selection of different “versions” of that tune. My favorite is the Keith Jarrett trio relatively fast version (below)… The Hank Mobley and Charlie Parker versions are also quite nice.


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