I Fall in Love Too Easily

(by Jule Styne)

One “more or less obscure” ballad of the jazz repertoire; it got revived by famous renditions of great jazz artists since the 1960’s. Composed by Jule Styne in 1944 for the movie Anchors Aweigh . Lyrics by Sammy Cahn.  That movie won the Oscar for Best Music and Scoring!

This tune is inspiring to improvise on and reaches most listeners. The slow tempo and “dark” mood of the piece create a perfect vehicule for blowing “ala soulful ballad”. The theme is most often played slow, like a real ballad. Then the solos can take place on a double-time feel version of the form. Quite traditional. Just listen to Miles. 🙂 Notice that I Fall in Love too Easily is played mostly as ballad but I’ve heard it played as double-time straight eight feel around here. Also not an uncommon thing to do. Even if Miles wouldn’t agree.

I Fall in Love Too Easily - Jazz Guitar Chord Melody

And finally, a note about harmony: we can think of the beginning of I Fall in Love too Easily as being the same as Autumn Leaves, but with chords twice as fast: II-V in the major key, then a II-V in the related minor.

Video Demonstration

Here’s the I Fall in Love too Easily jazz guitar chord melody demonstrated, with some improvisation by yours truly. I really like this song, so please forgive the strange faces and sounds.

See the PDF with TABS for the complete arrangement.  The chord melody PDF contains:

  • the leadsheet (chord symbols + melody),
  • the chord melody arrangement (played in the video here)
  • a basic chord chart (basic guitar shapes for you to use.)

Suggested Listening

Chet Baker (!!!)  It’s my favorite version of this tune. I think he’s the perfect singer/player for that kind of piece and mood.

Chet Baker

Miles Davis on the album Seven Steps to Heaven  . The heart-melting trumpet of one of the most influential player, trailblazer, bandleader and composer of all times. Even if you don’t like Miles Davis, you’ll like this track, for sure.


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