How to read Music for Guitarists? [Q&A]

Question by Carlos Vivas
(Miami, Fl. U.S.)

Hi mark, I’m currently working on reading music.

But i have trouble with reading comfortably in key signatures like Ab major and E major. I’m jumping and down my fret board when it come to these key signatures. Do you have any methods that would help me?

M-A’s Answer:

Hello Carlos,

Yes! Look not further:

William Leavitt’s series called “A Modern Method for Guitar” is what you are looking for. It start very simply and brings you to being used to key signatures with 3-4-5 sharps or flats in the key.

The whole idea is to learn to read by positions. You may be tempted to jump up or down to get the next note, but the Modern Method shows you to STAY in position to read that next note …

If you’re already good at reading in C, G and F, you will literally devour book I in no time. Then on to book II where you’ll learn arpeggio patterns, interesting chord shapes (reading them), etc.

HIGHLY recommended. See my complete review here:

Please, let me know if you have any questions.

Marc-Andre Seguin

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