How Do I Create & Use Suspended b9 Chords?

Question by John
(Phoenix, AZ)

In your “Chords Construction – Addendum “Chord Extensions Finder” Technique” section, you write “we want to avoid having the interval of a b9 within a chord…” Recently I’ve read about the significance in jazz of suspended b9 chords. Would you mind sharing some diagrams for making this type of chord, and explain when and how to use them?

M-A’s Answer:

Hello John,

This is a good question. In general, the interval of a b9 is allowed … especially on a dominant chord! (Basically everything is allowed on a dominant). The technique to find extension is only to give you a head-start, so you don’t go adding extensions that don’t make sense or don’t sound good. 🙂

Since I like this chord so much (Dominant 7 suspended b9 aka 7sus4 b9 aka etc.) I made a video to discuss it:

I hope this helps,

Marc-Andre Seguin
“Improve Your Jazz Guitar Playing with a REAL Teacher”


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Feb 12, 2014
Suspended b9 Chords
by: Jim Kipler

Hi Mark!

Great clip! You touch on things not usually thought about or applied when you think of this voicing. Keep up the good work!

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