G7 to G9 chords?

Question by Fred

In your “Learning 3 Basic Chord-Scales for Jazz Guitar” video and PDF, you show three chord voicings for Dm7, G7, and Cmaj7 chords. I’m confused. I understood that, let’s say, a 7th chord consists of 1-3-5-flat7 = G-B-D-E. So how is it that these G7 chords use notes B-F-D-A? Am I missing something basic here?

I played some jazz guitar (mostly memorization) many years ago, and decided to pick it up again, learning some theory this time around. Thanks. You website is a great teaching tool.

M-A’s Answer:

Thanks for you question.

Haha! That’s a good one: in fact, did you notice on the C major 7th voicing I wrote “with the 9th”. I probably forgot to write it down for the G7 chord…

So here’s how the third G7 voicing works : it’s, as you said, the notes B-D-F-A … meaning that they are 3-5-b7-9 of the G root. This is very common in jazz. It’s called adding extensions.

Please refer to “The No Nonsense Guides to Jazz Harmony” for more about extensions, inversions (and more!)

Marc-Andre Seguin

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Apr 16, 2012
G7 to G9 chords?
by: Fred

Josh, you are right. G7 (dominant)is G-B-D-F. Probably just dazed and confused here in Ohio as I wrestle with music theory. Thanks.

Apr 15, 2012
G B D E?
by: Josh G

I’m not sure if this was a typo, but if not, maybe you just got mixed up with the chord… G7 is G B D /F/. (In G major, the normal 7 is F#, and the flat 7 is F.

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