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Hi,I’m a beginner guitarist wanting to explore more into fusion style of playing-I think it offers more to guitar playing-so I get to use all the chords with funny names especially with dominant chords.I just wanted to ask if you could make videos on the improvisation series I really find it sort of step by step however reading and watching you demonstrate it on video would be better. My question is this-Is playing fusion and jazz different? If so how is it different?

I have a guitar teacher and when he improvises it sounds so deliberate and confident while I just blindly hit notes on the scales like a lost person-I think there are certain detailed things which he learned in GIT that unschooled guitarists like me didn’t have a chance to learn coz everybody stars from zero.I hope you can unveil the secrets n missing links -thanx a lot

M-A’s Answer:

Hello Ollie,

Thanks for your question and comments. I will take into consideration creating videos for the “Improv Series”. You’re right, it would make things (perhaps) easier to understand, work with and apply.

So, regarding your question, I’m convinced that’s it’s simply a matter of experience. GIT or not, there’s certainly a difference in maturity between your and your teacher! It doesn’t mean that you need to learn all the same material… what’s more important is that you spend time playing, playing, playing and then play so more.

You see, we can make an analogy here: imagine if you were learning to drive. Even if you read two or three books about how to drive, it would mean nothing until you actual sat in the driver’s seat and hit the road!

My point is: even if (instantaneously) you possessed all the knowledge your teacher got from GIT, you wouldn’t be a better player. It takes time to learn, play, experiment, listen… and forge you’re own approach.

Now, regarding “fusion” and those chords with funny names: rest assured, there’s plenty of chords with funny names in mainstream jazz. Sometimes, it can sound so smooth and perfectly coherent but the players are actually improvising on chords that look like postal codes!!!

I recently answered a similar question on the website. A visitor was asking about “different styles” and what to learn to go into a more “fusion” direction. Here’s the article:

Different Types of Jazz Playing

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