Five Ways to Create Practice Time

How to feel motivated and find time to practice

Finding the time to practice is often perceived as the #1 hurdle for musicians. After surveying visitors for a few weeks, (where they were asked “What do you think is your biggest musical obstacle?”), a whopping 17% answered that they did not have enough time to practice. 

From the eager, willing-to-learn student to the seasoned professional, everybody wish they could spend more hours practicing, rehearsing and honing their musical craft. The survey simply tells us that one out of six guitarists considers this to be their main problem…

What I find surprising is that the “obstacle” of not having enough time came in first! Oddly enough, all the jazz theory knowledge came in second). That’s when, I decided to create a little straightforward guide on practice time. The good news is that it’s possible to find the time or, how I like to say …Five Ways to Create Practice Time

… create practice time!

This “premium article” is divided into small tips. The five “zones” from which I believe you can create spare time.

After reading about 15 pages of my best advice on how to create practice time, you can start to work on this right away: apply one (or all) of the five tips to “create time” immediately! Of course, whatever I can explain in the following pages is really yours to apply and study. You might like it, or not. You may use only parts of it and that’s fine!


How to Use

By reading this article you can expect to become aware of the process of practicing and improving your musical abilities in general. Hopefully, a better understanding of the inner workings of artistic growth will help you achieve a higher level of musicianship.

If you are just beginning, you’ll learn to lay a solid foundation for developing your own music in the future. If you are more advanced musically, you’ll discover fresh inspiring ideas to motivate you and new ways to progress.

Whatever your level or style, all you need is time to read this and the courage to pursue your musical passion. In then end, what matters most is creating and maintaining your own musical rituals, striving to get “better at it” each day…

This premium article (15-page long) is available in the store.

Five Ways to Create Practice Time


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