Chord Melody for Jazz Guitarists

A FREE 7-day Course for Jazz Guitar Beginners

At last, a gentle yet complete course on Jazz guitar chord melody … for beginners!

And the cherry on top: it’s free, forever. This course is delivered in a straightforward format too: you get an email every few days for a total of  7 emails. Each new “day” is a new lesson. 🙂


Sure, you can buy books, take lessons, watch online videos … but what better solution than to have someone guide you step-by-step, for 7 consecutive days? You’ll be accountable for a small piece of work (assignment) in each and every email you’ll receive in the next little while. Waddaya think? Pretty sweet deal, right?

ZERO money required (no credit card required, no sales pitches, no products for sale). You receive just seven emails, just lessons, no hassle. You may want to read this chord melody page quickly before starting though.

Enroll now. It’s free!

Chord Melodies for Beginners: Enroll here

I hate spam as much as you do. I will not share your email address with anyone else.


Already an Intermediate of Advanced Jazz Guitarist?

Please feel free to enroll anyways! I really appreciate when other teachers and pros double-check the courses I create. If you find any typos, or obvious “musical mistakes”, please DO let me know. I would also enjoy hearing suggestions you may have to improve this introductory course. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Chord Melody for Jazz Guitarists

  1. Thank you Marc, I really enjoyed the 7 day Chord Melody corase. I am looking foward to taking more lessons from you.

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