Beginner Chord Melody eCourse

"Create Your Own Chord Melody Arrangements Easily..."

By Marc-Andre Seguin

On the guitar, the expression chord melody refers to playing the melody as the highest note of a certain chord shape. That's it! Sometimes instead of chord melody, we hear chord solo or even sometimes we'll say just an arrangement of a tune.

So, as you might already understand, this entails knowing (and playing) lots and lots of chord shapes with the highest-pitch note corresponding to one note of the melody (tune) at hand. This is hard, but don't worry, we're all in this together!


This is a 7-DAY STEP-BY-STEP COURSE: LEARN CHORD MELODY CHOPS THROUGH SUMMERTIME. You will be receiving 7 email lessons in the course of the next few weeks. Remember, one "Day" in this eCourse is not necessarily 24 hours. You may need a few days to fully grasp (and study) the topics covered in each email. 

Day 1: What is Chord Melody

Let's start very broad / general and work ourselves towards the specifics.

Day 2: Counting Your Blessings

Every chord that you know is a gold mine of chord melody. 

Day 3: Summertime Simple Chord Melody Arrangement

Goal is to play only the first 3 bars.

Day 4: Summertime Again !

On Day 4's menu : just the continuation of yesterday's endeavours. Attacking bars 4 and 5.

Day 5: Summertime For The Third Time

The mission today is to grasp the complete Summertime arrangement.

CH. 6: Discussing General Issues With Chord Melody

Keep perfecting your Summertime chord melody until it's fully cooked and expand your chordal vocabulary.

Day 7: Walking Into Somebody Else's Shoes

Pursue in improving upon your harmonic vocabulary, right before wrapping up the course for good.


You will learn many, many things in this course for 7 days. We will discuss the concept behind chord melody, the difficulties in chord melody for guitarists, the idea of phrasing the melody first, where to get more harmonic vocabulary, etc. PLUS you'll learn the full arrangement to Summertime.

We Cannot Always Harmonize Everything

We are stuck with playing, well, just chords! It's a blessing and a curse at the same time: because of physical limitations, tempos, the tuning of the guitar (etc.) we must get creative and find interesting detours to deal with harmonizing melodies.  

A Word From The Author

“I’m your 'real' teacher: Marc-Andre Seguin, a Canadian thirty-something jazzer, teacher and composer at times. 

I wrote this eCourse with you in mind so you can finally learn chord melody and achieve greater levels of confidence.”

Honestly, I can’t think of a clearer and easier fast-track to becoming a confident jazz chord melodist... 

Marc-Andre Seguin

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