Chord Equivalents

 Question by A.J.

Hello M-A,

When I do “All of Me” with a walking bass the last section goes from F to Fm6. To get the bass note I walk it down to play the 6th(D) in the bass. I realized that the chord is also Dm7b5. Could you direct me to a book that would help me learn other chord equivalents? I’m working on inversions both for jazz and western swing and think that I know more than i realize. Thanks for your help!

A.J. Green,

M-A Answers:

Hello A.J.

Thanks for your question. We often, indeed, know more than we think we do! It’s just a matter of switching our perspective.

Let me point you to two pages on, to get you started. Honestly, after you get the basic idea, you just need to make those little “realizations” in your mind.

(Don’t really need a book after all!)

Chord Substitutions: Survival Guide
(check out the Part 1 – Chord by Chord)


Jazz Theory: Chord Equivalents
(in fact, every page in this series is worth a quick read)

I hope this helps,

Marc-Andre Seguin
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