How to Fix Your Guitar Intonation

Fix Your Guitar Intonation

What is a guitar’s intonation? Guest post by Anh Vu The guitar’s intonation is a sort of a quality – the ability of your guitar (strings, more precisely) to remain in tune under various circumstances. Improper tuning might be the result of old strings, a bad setup, and various other reasons which we’re to discuss later on. All you need to know is this – your … [Click Here to Read more]

Recording & Mixing Jazz Guitar

recording and mixing jazz guitar

Getting The Most Out of Your Recording Session, For Jazz Guitarists A Guest Post by Jared. Like most of us, when it comes to the guitar you’ve likely spent more time learning to play it than anything else. Any time away from that core focus is devoted to studying music theory, advanced picking and fingering techniques, and learning to set up our axes and be … [Click Here to Read more]

2017: A Fantastic Year in Review

A Fantastic Year in Review

2017 has been a very special year for this website: we shifted gears and fulfilled our promise to do “more of the same”. The store portion of the website has, of course, seen a consistent Tune of the Month being released every single month. But we also boosted our catalog of standalone jazz guitar video tutorials by publishing courses such as Comping 102 and Improv and Chromaticism. I believe 2017 … [Click Here to Read more]

Quick Guitar Setup Tutorial

quick guitar setup tutorial

Tips and Tricks Every Guitar Player Should Know Guitars are amazingly durable instruments – but they need a little help once in a while to function properly. Whether you play jazz, metal, classical, virtually any style, your guitar will suffer the stresses of string pressure and, because it’s being manipulated by a guitar player, succumb to the normal effects of wear and tear. This means … [Click Here to Read more]

How To Make A Guitar Amp Sound Better

Guide for making guitar amp sound better

Musicians are nerdy people – ever searching for a better, more profound sound, tinkering with their gear, and what not. Now, it’s only normal that the idea of making your guitar amp sound better crossed your mind, as it did to so many people before you, and we’re here to share some insight and help you succeed. Your amp – the things that can, and … [Click Here to Read more]

2016: A Year in Review

A Fantastic Year in Review

Our plan for the website before getting to work this past year was pretty straightforward: let’s just do more of the same! That meant publishing more great blog posts, more video-lessons and more podcasts. In addition, we aimed each month to produce brand new premium (paid) content in the store. By the way, notice how the “I” just turned to “we” at the beginning of … [Click Here to Read more]

The Jazz Guitar Comping Video Lesson of Your Dreams


Oh yeah! This is exciting. Time for  the jazz guitar comping video lesson of your dreams.  No kidding! The Gist of It Problem: jazz guitar apprentice is seeking to get better at jazz guitar comping Solution: first reflex is to try and learn more jazz guitar chord shapes. Which does not work, by the way … it leads to more confusion. Alternative: Learn to approach comping from a … [Click Here to Read more]

4 Effective Bebop Scales Fingerings

4 effective bebop scale fingerings

In this lesson we’ll be covering the essentials of bebop scales for jazz guitar. We’ll explore four useful, relevant and fun bebop scales fingerings. As a result, your playing will be enhanced by more jazz-like phrasing using several natural and flowing fingering patterns. Why Bebop Scales? Well, at some point in their development, jazz improvisers usually get tired of fitting the right scales over chords, like Dorian, Mixolydian, … [Click Here to Read more]

Jazz Guitar Vlog

Getting started shooting shorter (more informal) videos, for your viewing pleasure. 🙂 This is what we call a vlog for video log. Note that the term blog comes from the (now defunct) web-log. So, below, you’ll find the vlog playlist. Don’t vomit just yet.   The Ressemblances Someone told me recently I looked like young Liam Neeson.   And a little while ago, someone mentioned I looked a … [Click Here to Read more]

2015: A Year in Review

A Fantastic Year in Review

Hey all! Marc-Andre Seguin here; nice to have you reading this post. This is the “year in review” for 2015 on … grab a nice cup of coffee and we’re set. 🙂 I hope you had a nice 2015. As the year is drawing to an end, I believe it’s a great time to recap on the things we’re proud of. For me, here, of course: all … [Click Here to Read more]

New Website, New Store

Here is it, finally! You are reading this from a brand new version of the classic website. Same content (lessons, articles, videos, tunes, etc.) but on a brand new look and feel. Mobile friendly (thank God!) … and now completely hosted by Pagely on WordPress. So this is now a blog incorporating all the old stuff. 🙂   … and the shop (finally) Also a … [Click Here to Read more]

The Time it Took

marcandreseguin - The Time it Took

Review by John Serino Its Monday, its dark and it’s raining. I’m definitely staying in tonight. I’ve got a cup of Dark roast (still too hot to sip) and I’m having a good listen to a Jazz album i picked up over the summer. The name of the Album is “The Time it Took”, composed by Montreal based jazz guitarist Marc-Andre Seguin. I met M-A (Marc-Andre) … [Click Here to Read more]


jazz guitar swing vs bebop super locrian on Silent Night and Blue in Green stagnation suspended chords

” Wanna Learn Jazz Guitar for Real? “ Your search for relevant and free instructional material for jazz guitar stops right here! You just found the holy grail. Bookmark this website now, because you’ll be coming back often. The website hosts all the information you need to get started or take your jazz guitar playing to the next level. From the beginner looking for basic chord shapes, to the advanced … [Click Here to Read more]