2016: A Year in Review

A Fantastic Year in Review

Our plan for the website before getting to work this past year was pretty straightforward: let’s just do more of the same! That meant publishing more great blog posts, more video-lessons and more podcasts. In addition, we aimed each month to produce brand new premium (paid) content in the store. By the way, notice how …

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Jazz Guitar Vlog

Getting started shooting shorter (more informal) videos, for your viewing pleasure. 🙂 This is what we call a vlog for video log. Note that the term blog comes from the (now defunct) web-log. So, below, you’ll find the JazzGuitarLessons.net vlog playlist. Don’t vomit just yet.   The Ressemblances Someone told me recently I looked like young Liam Neeson.   …

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New Website, New Store

Here is it, finally! You are reading this from a brand new version of the classic JazzGuitarLessons.net website. Same content (lessons, articles, videos, tunes, etc.) but on a brand new look and feel. Mobile friendly (thank God!) … and now completely hosted by Pagely on WordPress. So this is now a blog incorporating all the old …

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The Time it Took

marcandreseguin - The Time it Took

Review by John Serino Its Monday, its dark and it’s raining. I’m definitely staying in tonight. I’ve got a cup of Dark roast (still too hot to sip) and I’m having a good listen to a Jazz album i picked up over the summer. The name of the Album is “The Time it Took”, composed by …

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