How To Use Limitation Practice

limitation practice for jazz improv

Improve Your Weaknesses As An Improviser We are all aware that we have weaknesses as improvisers. Whether it’s our disjointed phrasing, lack of dynamics or poor knowledge of the fretboard, there is something at which we could all be better. However, the unfortunate truth is most people are very uncomfortable addressing their flaws. Most would prefer to accentuate their strengths to their greatest extents while … [Click Here to Read more]

Warp Time to Run The Changes

How to Manipulate Time Using Your Jazz Guitar! Welcome to volume three in our series, “Hands-On Jazz Guitar.” This new episode is all about “Warp Time Using Your Jazz Guitar.”   This series aims for you to learn how to play solid jazz lines. Working through transcriptions, we’re finding some great and interesting ideas for you. Today, we take a straightforward line, then find ways to … [Click Here to Read more]

Barry Galbraith Comping Studies

Ok, let’s do this! In September 2017, yours truly decided to take the bull by the horns and shoot videos for each one of the fantastic Barry Galbraith comping studies in this book: The caveat? One study shot in video format every two weeks or so. You’re more than welcome to join me in this challenge! The Videos – YouTube Playlist Schedule Shiny – September 8, 2017 Wind … [Click Here to Read more]

Three Revelations That Will Improve Your Guitar Playing

Three Revelations That Will Improve Your Guitar Playing

Here are three revelations that have nothing to do with the technical and theoretical aspects of playing Jazz Guitar that will help you take the next steps in your musical journey and improve your guitar playing. These three points usually strike the beginner-intermediate players and from that moment, they improve at a fast pace. 1- You Need to Play More Songs Chances are that you got … [Click Here to Read more]

Jazz Guitar Improvisation

Gibson ES-137: jazz guitar improvisation and jazz guitar licks Tritone Substitution Fast Tempos

Using Motivic Development: Lesson by Matt Warnock I want to start by saying thanks to Marc-Andre Seguin for inviting me to publish a guest post about jazz guitar improvisation on his very cool and informative jazz guitar website. One of the most often asked questions I get from my students, readers and guitarists around the world, and of all stages of development is, “How do I … [Click Here to Read more]