Quick Guitar Setup Tutorial

quick guitar setup tutorial

Tips and Tricks Every Guitar Player Should Know Guitars are amazingly durable instruments – but they need a little help once in a while to function properly. Whether you play jazz, metal, classical, virtually any style, your guitar will suffer the stresses of string pressure and, because it’s being manipulated by a guitar player, succumb to the normal effects of wear and tear. This means … [Click Here to Read more]

The Ultimate No Nonsense Guide to Jazz Harmony

Jazz Harmony - the ultimate no-nonsense guide

UPDATED information on II-V-I, jazz chords, progressions, lead sheets, cadences, secondary dominants and more … Jazz harmony is defined as the theory behind jazz chords, and the ultimate practice of how jazz chords are put to use in the context of jazz music. Since American jazz music resembles, in analysis, other practices of Western harmony (i.e. classical music), jazz harmony and theory relies heavily on similar concepts … [Click Here to Read more]

How To Make A Guitar Amp Sound Better

Guide for making guitar amp sound better

Musicians are nerdy people – ever searching for a better, more profound sound, tinkering with their gear, and what not. Now, it’s only normal that the idea of making your guitar amp sound better crossed your mind, as it did to so many people before you, and we’re here to share some insight and help you succeed. Your amp – the things that can, and … [Click Here to Read more]

Doing Exercises in All Keys for Jazz Guitar [Q&A]

All Keys Signatures: Scale Theory jazz guitar blues progressions

A Question by Anonymous In your opinion, if running through exercises, it is really necessary to practice them in all keys? I understand that the standard educator response is “yes,” but I was recently working through Jerry Coker’s “Patterns for Jazz” and a lot of the patterns weren’t terribly useful because they just involved half-step increments. Where this might be a challenge for a horn … [Click Here to Read more]

How to read Music for Guitarists? [Q&A]

Modern Method for Guitar: How To Read Music

Question by Carlos Vivas (Miami, Fl. U.S.) Hi mark, I’m currently working on reading music. But i have trouble with reading comfortably in key signatures like Ab major and E major. I’m jumping and down my fret board when it come to these key signatures. Do you have any methods that would help me? M-A’s Answer: Hello Carlos, Yes! Look not further: William Leavitt’s series … [Click Here to Read more]

Diagonal playing: Fingerings for Dorian mode [Q&A]

Jazz Guitar Diagonal Scales and Diagonal Playing

Question by Gustav Wessberg (Gothenburg, Sweden) Hi there! I am very thankful for you having done lessons on diagonal playing. I just have question: When I play G major I shift between F# and G with my index. If I want to play A dorian, should I still use the index (F# to G) shift? Or should I use a new fingering? Should I start … [Click Here to Read more]

Playing Patterns in Diagonal Scales [Q&A]

Jazz Guitar Diagonal Scales and Diagonal Playing

Question by Alexander (Russia) Hello, Marc_Andre! I’ve been studying diagonal scales for a couple of days and like the idea. 🙂 I actually can play up and down freely, but have some hesitation when playing patterns ( like thirds or 1-2-3-1-2-3-4 etc). There are places (mostly when encountering 1st finger shifts) where I have to break the system. What is your opinion ? Do you … [Click Here to Read more]