Jazz Guitar Vlog

Jazz Guitar Vlog

Getting started shooting shorter (more informal) videos, for your viewing pleasure. :-)

This is what we call a vlog for video log. Note that the term blog comes from the (now defunct) web-log. So, below, you'll find the JazzGuitarLessons.net vlog playlist. Don't vomit just yet.


The Ressemblances

Someone told me recently I looked like young Liam Neeson.

young liam neeson

Young Liam Neeson


And a little while ago, someone mentioned I looked a lot like Nathan Fillion.

m-a seguin - nathan fillion

nathan fillion


And, while we're at it, I was often stopped on the streets in Montreal because I look too much like actor and producer Simon-Olivier Fecteau ...

simon olivier fecteau


Boy, what to make of all this? Have my huge face at the camera more often! I look like a movie star, I should start producing more movies. Right? Right?! Anyone?

Enters the JazzGuitarLessons.net Vlog

Now, in this series (and this is just an experiment, I'm not sure I'll keep doing it), I'll share with you progress over the different parts of the websites, the lessons and my jazz guitar life in general. Enjoy, and don't hesitate to comment and share! :-)