Free Jazz Guitar Videos: Tons of Video Jazz Guitar Lessons

Free Jazz Guitar Videos: Tons of Video Jazz Guitar Lessons

Master Index of All Free Jazz Guitar Videos (Lessons) Found on This Website

Welcome to my favorite part of this website: the lessons in the form of jazz guitar videos. You will find many embedded instructional videos (over 100 for free actually) about different aspects of jazz guitar improvisation, comping, practicing, transcribing, and jazz music etc. Also check out the official YouTube Channel here... (please subscribe for free and get all the Youtube updates).

Note that widgets found below are all YouTube playlists. Hover your mouse over and use the "PLAYLIST" feature (upper right corner) to access all of the videos.

You may be looking to improve certain areas of your jazz guitar skills and I'm sure you'll find something to sink your teeth into whatever your level. I really believe that video lessons can get more information across as you can hear me play, see the fingers and listen to explanations and practice tips. All in all, it's very close to actual one-on-one lessons!

Please Note ...

The accompanying PDF files and backing track are found in the paragraph immediately AFTER the video player widget.

free jazz guitar tube

I want you to know that all the videos here have been shot, edited and uploaded by yours truly. 100% homemade, from my humble studio to your computer screen. Or you can watch the jazz guitar videos on the YouTube Channel here... (don't forget to subscribe) Some videos on the jazz guitar tube / Youtube channel will not appear here.


Jazz Guitar Videos: Jazz Chords



96 Jazz Guitar Chords in 10 minutes (Parts 1 and 2): here's the blog post

Walking Bass Lines: here's the PDF ...

Chords in Scales: here's the page with all the chords.

Triads by String Set: here's the PDF

Intro to Voice Leading: Here's the PDF


Jazz Guitar Videos: Modern Chords and Jazz Theory



Quartal Part 1: Here's the PDF.

Quartal Part 2: Here's the PDF...

Great Modern Voicing: Here's the PDF...


Jazz Guitar Videos: Rhythms and Metronome



Five Key Jazz Rhythms: Here's the PDF...

Displaced Half-Note: Here's the PDF

Charlestons: Here's the PDF...


Jazz Guitar Lessons Videos: Improvisation Techniques




Beginning Improv on II-V-I: Here's the PDF...

Not Sounding like Scales: See this article also


Jazz Guitar Videos: Scales and Licks with Theory



Make YOUR Licks Part 1 and 2:
See also the book "Connecting Chords with Linear Harmony"

Bebop Scale Demystified and Bebop Lick: 
See also this great book by David Baker...

Bebop Modes:
Here's the PDF... See also Forward Motion...

Major Scale in 7 Positions: Here's the PDF...

Diagonal Scales: See this article also...


Jazz Guitar Music Video Lessons: Blues



The page with the all blues progressions:

Beginning Blues Improvisation (two scales only): Here's the PDF...

Blues Comping: Here's the PDF...

Blues Improv: Here's the PDF...

Blues "VI CHORD" video: Here's the PDF..


Sixteen Chord Progressions + Improv + Jazz Theory Explanations (5 videos)

Oh, you are in for a ride! This 5-video series is a great addition to the free videos lineup.

Jazz Guitar videos: free video lessons

From *sixteen* common jazz chord progressions, each of the five videos covers improvisation with various scale choices. This video series was in fact a "weekend project" that turned out to have a lot more material than a single video in it!   PDF files of the 16 progressions are all on the page (in 7 different keys) as well as an audio introduction for guidance as to "what to do with all of this" ... (watch the 5 videos on this other page)


Jazz Guitar Videos: Technique and Advice




Jazz Guitar Videos: Q&A with visitors



Swing VS Bebop: Here's the Complete Q&A (on page)...

Chords and Scales Fundamentals Here's the Complete Q&A (on page)...

Playing Fast: Here's the Complete Q&A (on page)...

Holding the Guitar: Here's the Complete Q&A (on page)...

Is this a good approach for jazz? Here's the Complete Q&A (on page)...

Solo Jazz Guitar... improv? Here's the Complete Q&A (on page)...

Bass Notes and Perfect Pitch Here's the Complete Q&A (on page)...

Barry Harris Question... Here's the Complete Q&A (on page)... 


Jazz Guitar Videos: Tunes and Standards

Note: the videos in the section are *demonstration* of the chord melody arrangements.



Here are the links to the PAGES which hosts the tunes in the videos above. On each page you'll get the PDF of the chord melody arrangement + basic chords for accompaniment. (Remember that NOT all the tunes on this website have a video):

All the Things You Are 
Autumn Leaves 
Blue in Green 
Body and Soul 
I Fall In Love Too Easily 
Stella by Starlight 
Tenor Madness

Note: the videos in the section are *demonstration* of the chord melody arrangements found on this website. I publish them on the web for study purpose only. I do not own the rights to any of these tunes.

Jazz Guitar Greats and Jazz Guitar Music: 7 interesting facts about ...



Jazz Guitar: Five Free Lessons on TrueFire ...



Here's the PDF for lesson #1 - Chromaticism in Jazz Solos

Here's the PDF for lesson #2 - Four Effective Bebop Scale Fingerings for Jazz Guitarists

Here's the PDF for lesson #3 - The Jazz Comping Guitar Lesson of Your Dreams

Here's the PDF for lesson #4 - How to Sound Jazzy with Altered Dominants

Here's the PDF for lesson #5 - Chord Melody Hacks

Untold - Lessons Learned from Jazz Guitar Greats

Jazz guitar legends and greats untold stories. How their music started, their career and their early lives. These pages are worth the time reading.

Below are the links for the Untold pages:
Wes Montgomery Untold
Joe Pass Untold
Jim Hall Untold
Kenny Burrell Untold
Pat Metheny Untold
George Benson Untold
Ed Bickert Untold
Lenny Breau Untold
Charlie Christian Untold