Beginning transcriber, where do I start?

Question by Jay Green
(near Chicago (so I should be a better blues player, ha ))

Hello Marc-Andre, I’ve been coming here for a while now and have truly improved my playing. I have a pretty good grounding in chords and starting to work out some melodies for standard songs (misty, autumn leaves, summertime). I have fallen hard for Hank Mobley and would dearly love to transcribe some of his licks but I just don’t know where to start. Could I ask a huge service from you and get a few tips on where to start. Maybe a short video lesson?

Here’s a link to a Mobley song. I would sure love a couple of these licks from my guitar.

Hank Mobley – Soul Station (on YouTube)

Let me know if you like it.
Best regards,

Hello Jay,

Thanks for your nice question. I have summed up all of what I could think of about the transcription process in a brand new video.

Please let me know if you have further questions. I understand that the video my seem fairly “general”, but if you follow the tips, you just get going in no time…

Here’s the Jazz Guitar Transcriptions – How To VIDEO.


Marc-Andre Seguin


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Dec 14, 2011
Sing Sing Sing to transcribe
by: Brian

I am just finishing up transcribing 1st chorus solo of Grant Green “What is This Thing Called Love”. I am currently in lessons and my teach told me to not even use a guitar first –
SING the solo/parts you want to transcribe…AFTER you can sing from memory THEN go to guitar and start to figure out the notes. THEN write down.
This way you already know the solo when writing out the notes – just a matter of figuring out the rhythm (which is tough but practice makes it easier)
I will try and post the solo when i am done.
The transcribing process has already made a difference in my playing.

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