Barry Harris Guitar Books: Kingstone -vs- Ben Hur

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Hello Marc,

Regarding The Barry Harris Harmonic Method for Guitar by Alan Kingstone; is it any different than the Roni Ben Hur book that also draws from the Barry Harris method?

Thank you in advance.

M-A’s Answer :

Oh yes, it’s very different. I used to study from the Ben Hur book (but I gave it as a present to one of my students a while back.)

The Kingstone book is very harmony oriented while the Ben Hur deals mostly with lines and added half-steps, from what I can remember.

At a certain point, I was also playing along with the Ben Hur CD, only to realize they were minor mistakes on the recording (wrong passing tone, different rhythms from what was written). It’s just too bad…

They’re both great books, but for me anyways, there’s much more to be learned in the Kingstone chords / harmony / voiceleading approach …

If you want to learn more about bebop lines and added half-steps ala Harris and ala Ben Hur, be sure to check out my own version of bebop scalar exercises here!

I hope it answers your question,
Practice Well ,

Marc-Andre Seguin

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Jan 18, 2011
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Hello Marc,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question and to elaborate about the differences between the two books. I will check out Mr. Kingston’s book as I already have Mr. Ben Hur’s.

Best regards …

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