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After struggling to get my bearings as an improviser for a few years, I bought Ligon’s Connecting Chords book. I’ve spent some time with the three basic outlines and I think it has promise.

Is there a particular way you’d recommend approaching the book? Run through every example, or focus most of my time on those labeled exercises?

Thanks. Just found this site. Looks awesome.

Connecting Chords with Linear Harmony


Well, it really depends on your learning curve and where you are at.

I personally recommend to 9/10 students to spend all their time on the exercises (at the end of the book). You get to learn your instrument, some music theory and memorize “jazz licks” all at once.

The bulk of the book (with all the examples / licks from actual recordings) is great if you want to “get out the box” and see how the basic outlines can be applied creatively in a myriad of ways.

Lastly, I really like the three “studies” composed by Ligon on standard progressions. They sound good and are just academic enough so you get the point without sounding like a robot (plus, the analysis is right below the staff).

I hope this helps,

Marc-Andre Seguin

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