9th and 13th Guitar Chords

Question by Jez Atevens
(Portsmouth UK)

Is it possible to play a 9th AND 13th chord on a guitar? it’s possible on a piano but I can’t work out a finger combination on a guitar!


Yes it is possible!

Two nice possibilities for a C dominant chord:

—- 1 —-


or let go of the root and play xx2335

—- 2 —-


or let go of the root and play xx8755

Does that make sense to you?
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Feb 04, 2012
9th 13th
by: Ayon

what does x32335 means? I don’t understand what is string or what is fret.

M-A’s Answer :

It’s all the guitar strings, from biggest string with the fret numbers to be played…

It means muted 6th string (the x)

play fret 3 on 5th string

play fret 2 on 4th string

play fret 3 on 3rd and 2nd string

play fret 5 on 1st string

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