Sharp 11 or Flat 5?

Question by Laszlo Huszar
(Budapest, Hungary)


Why should i not fingering for example an A string root C7#11 / C7b5 chord with the 4th fret on the D string? It is the same F#/Gb note as the 2nd fret on the E6 string, but much easier.


M-A’s Answer:

Hello Laslo, if you want to play…


instead of


It’s allright with me! (-:

I make grin awkwardly if you play the former too often on a gig though … be careful what that tritone in the low-mid register in there. And the sharp 11.

Simply remember, it’s not always just a matter of what is easier. It’s more often about the sound you need to hear in a certain context! Experiment, and see what works best in different contexts.

I hope this helps,

Marc-Andre Seguin

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