My Funny Valentine
(by Richard Rodgers
and Lorenz Hart)

Written for the musical
Babe in Arms in 1937, My Funny Valentine is now amongst the most played and recorded jazz standards of all times. This brilliant tune was first recorded by itself in the mid forties

Valentine should definitely be in the top 10 of your standard ballad repertoire (and in the top 5 if you're playing a jazz gig in a restaurant on February 14th!)

It is often played as a ballad but also in a medium swing or even as a latin groove. The tune lends itself to many interpretations, harmonically speaking, because of the pedalling C minor in the A sections.

My chord melody arrangement is very minimalist and I believe everyone should experiment, at least a little, with differents changes and grooves.

Have fun!

Suggested listening:

Many very good versions exist because
Valentine has been recorded so much of the years. Here's my top 3 picks:

  • Chet Baker (1953) : 

    Sung by the master of cool jazz in a very traditional setting.
  • Bill Evans and Jim Hall  (Undercurrent, 1962)

    Breakneck tempo... frantic version played by two of the most influential voices in modern jazz.
  • Miles Davis (Cooking, 1956)

    Probably the most known version. Smooth ballad, heart-melting trumpet by Miles... as usual. check out the changes!