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Learning from Jazz Recordings

Jazz guitar is mostly learned in books and private lessons... but what about recordings?

I find that jazz recordings are the best source of inspiration and learning materials. Here's how to take full advantage of them : ask yourself what you could learn from a recording right now!

What about "notes" (melody, solo or other) ? What about "chords" (a good voicing or some comping) ? What about "rhythms" (from any instrument, but just the rhythms) ? What about learning the melody and chords and making your own lead sheet for that tune?

Try it today!

My Top 3 Influences : Wes, Jim and Ed

As a jazz guitar teacher I'm often asked those questions:

"What should I listen to?" and "What jazz guitarists should I transcribe?"

Here's my answer in a video : my top 3 jazz guitar influences along with some other guitar and non-guitar influences.

Who do YOU like?

Check out the jazz guitar greats page for bios, licks and transcriptions of your favorite players.