Make Your Soloing, Comping and Chord Melody Take Off with Private Lessons

By Marc-Andre Seguin

Let's be honest here: most self-taught forms of learning the guitar are slow, and inefficient. 

Yes, many guitar players can teach themselves how to play, but usually, the process is slow. With private lessons, and a coach as your guide, you will be able to accomplish much more in the same amount of time.

With an instructor by your side, you’ll learn how become a competent jazz improviser in an efficient manner. That is, without wasting any time.

We'll make any corrections to your technique and work on any issues with your guitar playing. You will be able to work on aspects like timing, rhythm, chords and scales, and of course, your overall chord-melody style playing.

And with today's special, get 50% off your first private lesson. 


In the short spawn of time you've been with JazzGuitarLessons.net, you've probably upped your guitar-playing skills to a respectable level.

But perhaps you're stuck or at a point where you can go no further without 1:1 instruction. This is where private instruction with a professional jazz player comes is: lessons give you the necessary boost to take your jazz chops to the next level.  

With a pro jazzer at your side, you'll learn a lot more that you possibly could’ve learned on your own.

Your coach is right there to show you exactly how everything is done – from the advanced stuff right down to the basics – will quickly advance your skill level.

Most importantly, we'll help you develop a warm-up regime, and a complete practice routine. Right from the first session.

Many jazz guitarists underestimate the importance of warming up before playing, until they reach a point in their lives that this starts to become more of a problem (thanks to back/neck/finger pains, RSI, etc.), and they’re eventually forced to stop playing.  


Your instructor will keep your needs and requirements in mind above all else

Students actually spend more time "performing" during distance lessons than in face-to-face lessons

Provide you with an excellent opportunity to practice daily and consistently, and put in a practice session every day

Fulfill your quest to reach your true guitar playing potential

The 1:1 interaction allows your instructor to design your program based upon your skills and proficiency  

You travel each day for work, school, and numerous errands...relax and enjoy the peace of your own home with webcam lessons

Keep your enthusiasm strong and provide a little additional incentive to work hard and master your new craft by sharing the lesson time with your friends and family

Learn how to structure your guitar playing for maximum performance

Replay your Lessons at Your Convenience and Receive Written Feedback

Consistent practice is important to any guitar player’s growth, and with the ability to re-watch lessons online, practice is that much easier. Additionally, you will be given a link to a shared Dropbox folder where you can review your lesson notes. 

Convenient Scheduling that Works for You

Once you've purchased your lesson, your teacher will contact you with the booking information, the scheduling policy and his Skype/FaceTime username. 

A 100% Satisfaction + Effectiveness Guarantee

If you've made an honest effort to use the materials from your private lessons during 4 weeks and you're not satisfied and/or did not see any improvements in your playing, then we'll give you a 100% refund.

Your time is precious. And so is money. Write a simple email to support@jazzguitarlessons.net within 30 days of the transaction and we'll refund immediately, no questions asked.

"Improve Your Playing, or We Don't Get Paid!" 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are private lessons taught? 

Remotely via Skype or Facetime. Exceptionally, we'll have lessons over the phone. 

With the monthly subscription, do the un-redeemed lesson "roll over" to the next month? 

No. Enrolling in the subscription type of private lessons means that you *must* take your pre-paid lessons within the billing period. No refunds and no rollovers are allowed.  

How many students can enroll? 

Typically, there's always less than 10 private students enrolled simultaneously at any given time. Write us an email if you'd like to "reserve your time slot" for future sessions. 

Do you teach to beginners? 

The average and weakest students have already acquired some guitar skills. This is specialized *jazz* instruction here. 

Do you teach other styles? 

Through the fundamentals of music (harmony, melody, rhythms) students often practice in very diversified esthetics such as blues, funk, classical, flamenco, pop, folk and rock.

Take your jazz guitar chops to the next level!

Get 50% off your first lesson