George Benson (1943-)

George Benson is by far the top-album-selling jazz guitarist of all time. He's an incredible bebop player and his vocal ability is really what George Benson makes him so special. Some go even as far as saying that Benson's voice was "more marketable" than his guitar playing.

Mostly inspired by jazz and soul music of the 1940's and 1950's, George started to lead his own band at an unusually young age. His playing denotes clear influences by Charlie Christian and Wes Montgomery.

Benson had a tremendous influence on the next generations of jazz guitarists. He kept playing through the 21st century and he doesn't look even half his age. Incredible! Because of his more "pop" vocal recordings, he had the opportunity reach out further: millions of people are aware of him! (It's sadly, certainly not the case for most jazzmen ... )

7 Interesting Facts about George Benson: Video

Gear and Playing Style

Benson has been playing with his signature GB Ibanez model for more than 30 years. Most GB models are small hollow bodied guitars; it is preferable to avoid feedback on large stages.

Also, from studying his playing, I believe that his sound comes mainly from the way he holds the pick.

Benson gets an aggressive yet fluid type of "old school jazz guitar" staccato sound. Even in the very fast melodic lines, every note has crystal clear definition and grooves straight in the pocket.

By looking closely at videos and pictures of George's playing, I understood that he holds the picks firmly between the thumb and index, with the thumb articulation extended and completely "locked". The attack occurs at the very tip of the pick and it seems to be more perpendicular to the strings than usual. (probably using fat, rounded picks)

The flat parts of the pick are facing left-right instead of floor-ceiling. It's all in the angle... In short, just watch Benson play!

Video, Licks and Transcriptions

Suggested Listening

When I think of George Benson, I always think of two things : first, his fast (quasi "show off") playing as a young bebop player (in the 1950's). Secondly, I just *have* to put on the "George Benson: Big Boss Band", the recording he made with the Basie Big Band . That's after Count Basie pasted away, I know, but the music is just *cooking*. Serious George Benson soloing, singing and scatting. Check it out!